Charles Bridge - Visit This Ancient Bridge

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Charles Bridge famed for tourist attraction. It crosses the Vltava River located in Prague. What makes it famous and historical is the fact that its construction started in 1357 under the leadership of King Charles the fifth. Its construction was completed in the 15th century.

Charles Bridge is one of the ten major tourist attractions in the city of Prague.There are plenty of statues to be seen along the bridge. It is important to see the city from all angles and discover the rich marvel of the 14th century. Prague metronome can be seen from north of the bridge. Other fascinating sights are the mill wheel on the Certovka canal and the Kampa Museum of art lined up with penguins. You can also cruise across the river and have fun while experiencing the famous bridge. The boats are fun to cruise on and offer a picturesque view of the bridge.

Attractions in Old Town Square

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Old Town Square is a historic square located between the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square in the Czech Republic. It is frequented by thousands of tourists every year because of its marvelous antique architecture, markets as well as statues and memorials. Some of the buildings you can't miss spotting when you visit this historic square include Our Lady before Tyn church, which has been in existence since the fourteenth century, and Prague Orloj, the oldest working astronomical clock in the world that still ticks since 1410.

If you are looking to have fun during Christmas holidays then the Christmas markets at Old Town Square is where you should be. The Jans Hus Memorial, a statue located at the center of this historic square, is the home to a religious reformer known as Jans Hus and other martyrs whose murder led to two different wars. It was constructed in 1915 to commemorate the 500th anniversary since his death.

Prague Astronomical Clock

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Located in Prague Czech and engendered in 1410, the Prague Astronomical clock festoons the Old Town square and announces it presence every hour. The clock was created by Mikulas of Kadan and was most probably helped by Charles University Mathematics professor by the name Jan Sindel. However some sources indicate that the original creator was Hanus, but it was later confirmed that this was probably a misinterpretation due to the major repairs it underwent since its inception. The clock itself has three main components which are: A calendar embellished with medallion to represent the months of the year, Apostles and other moving sculptures and An astronomical dial symbolic of the sun and the moon in the sky and various auxiliary astronomical details.

There figures of medieval Prague that can found in the site include:

- A representation of vanity admiring himself in the mirror and a miser with his hand in held in vanity’s bag of gold

- A turk shaking his head and death sounding his bell

- Under the clock there is a calendar that was painted by Josef Manes in 1805.additional painting next to the calendar include that of an astronomer, an angel and a certain philosopher.

Apart from being wreathed in magnificent coats of arms and different royal symbols the clock tower, there exists a rooster which crows after the 12 apostles have finished their blessing. Whilst it incurred massive damage during the Nazi Wars, The Prague astronomical continues to hold its position as one of the oldest and exceptional clocks in the world.

The Evolution Of Wenceslas Square As A Commercial Center

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Originally conceived as a horse market in the 14th century, Wenceslas Square is a large square that measures 750 by 60 meters. The square has evolved over the years to become Prague’s centre boulevard. The square was created in 1348 as part of the king’s move to a larger town. The new town for the King had large squares and one of them was Wenceslas Square.

The square got its name in the 19th century after the patron saint of Bohemia who was called Saint Wenceslas. It is also during this time that large buildings were constructed along this square. One of the attractive things in this square is St. Wenceslas monument. After his murder in 929, Saint Wenceslas was a good King in terms of spreading Christianity and he became a national symbol in the Czech Republic. The monument was developed to represent this honor.

Wenceslas Square forms the heart of commercial trade in Prague in this current world.

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